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Resonant Inspection with NDT-RAM

Who needs NDT Resonant Inspection?

Manufacturers or users of metal parts that: 

  • Have substantial inspection cost
  • Require 100% inspection of their parts
  • Desire to improve quality of their parts
  • Produce and/or use safety-critical parts
  • Have customers demanding higher quality
  • Have substantial scrap costs due to false rejects 

What can NDT Resonant Inspection detect?

  • Cracks, chips and holes
  • Porosity
  • Out-of-tolerance dimensions
  • Variations in hardness
  • Residual stress
  • Bonding, welding or brazing failures
  • Machining or heat-treating processes 


  • No part preparation required
  • Inspection in three seconds per part (typical)
  • Reduction of scrap costs with elimination of false rejects
  • Process compensation for common process variables
  • Easy to learn and use application software
  • Report generation, including statistical analysis
  • Industrial package - NEMA4 enclosure, sealed PC
  • Same system can test many different parts
  • Confidence that all tested parts are defect-free 

Achieve 100% Inspection Quickly and Easily

NDT-RAM™ is a simple and reliable solution for your 

quality non destructive testing inspection process. 

The family of NDT-RAM systems range from a portable manual system, ideal for parts investigation and troubleshooting, to a fully automated system for a turn-key solution. 

Production Modal Shop Systems




  • Fast - Three seconds per part, typical*
  • Objective - ideal for in-line, automated, objective inspection
  • Unattended - no operator intervention needed for inspection
  • 100% Inspection - test every part prior to shipment
  • Customization - conveyor configuration for a variety of parts

NDT-DTF System



  • Industrial Computer
  • Larger part handling capability up to 5 in.
  • Visual pass/fail indication via light tower
  • New exit chutes for a wider variety of part sizes
  • Wider base for increased stability
  • Multiple feeding options (left, center, right)

NDT-Test Station



  • LanSharc™ Smart Digital Controller
  • Acoustic Microphone
  • NDT-RAM Software
  • Light tower
  • PLC control and power supplies inside electrical box
  • Photo eye sensors
  • Aluminum frame with adjustable platform
  • PLC software

Lower Volume and R&D Modal Systems




  • Versatile- multiple part numbers can be used on a single system
  • Clean - no part preparation or messy chemicals are needed for testing
  • Simple - pass/fail result is returned by the NDT-RAM system
  • Adapts - to existing process automation
  • 100% Inspection - test every part prior to shipment




  • Simple - pass/fail result is returned by the NDT-RAM system
  • Compact - fits easily inside a laptop case
  • Portable - ideal for spot checking in the field
  • Versatile - ideal for new part set-up, investigation, troubleshooting


Easy To Use Software

100% inspection and/or 100% Quality Data Collection for Process Control


The NDT-RAM Auto system is an effective NDT test that simplifies your testing process and can be run by non certified personnel.


The NDT-DTF is ready to run your parts!